Serves 4:
500 g white beans
2 cloves of garlic          
125 g ham
1 garlic sausage
250 g pork 
250 g mutton
60 g lard
2 onions
1 bunch of herbs and vegetables for soup-making
1 bay leaf 
1 small can tomato pulp
bread crumbs
small pats of butter

preparation: Soak the beens overnight, next day cook them
with the chopped garlic, ham and sausage. Put the pork 
and mutton in a pan together with chopped onions, add the
bay leaf, the bunch of herbs and bake in hot lard. After that 
mix all this with the cooked beans. Stir the tomato pulp and
spices under this food. When the cassoulet is done, put it in
a heat-restistant bowl and strew with bread crumbs and small pats
of butter and gratinate this for ten minutes in a baking oven.
Afterwards stir the film on top under the food, strew again with bread
crumbs and small pats of butter, gratinate again. Repeat this 
procedure a third time.

recipe by Andreas Wöhr
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